Cupcakes, Coconut Oil, and Ketones

I made a nutrition paradigm shift a month ago… a shift away from the traditional low fat, high carb/protein diet to one with liberal healthy fats, extremely limited carbohydrates (less then 50 g a day), and adequate protein. I’m not selling any products nor am I primarily using pre-made shakes or meals or supplements (not that there is anything wrong with that!!). I’m eating food. Real food. I’m taking close inventory and keeping track of what I put into my body. It hasn’t been easy, necessarily. But I feel fantastic and I’m seeing results. 

Stats: down 10 1/2 lbs and 3% body fat. My clothes fit better. Do I see abs?!? 

The skinny on my first month. 

The good:

1. Weight loss

2. Fat burn

3. Energy: overall increased, steady energy. No sugar highs and lows  

4. Headaches: I haven’t taken Excedrin in over a week. I can’t say this…really ever in my adult life. I have suffered from chronic daily headaches and migraines. So far…better. 

5. The food: Coconut oil, avocado oil, bacon, grass fed butter, fat bombs. It tastes so good and oh so satisfying. 

6. Appetite and craving control…like I’ve never experienced. This coming from a professed food addict! 

7. Endurance: improved long, aerobic type work outs. 

8. Post work out recovery: faster, less fatigue, less soreness. 

9. Bulletproof coffee. Just yum!

The bad: 

1. The first 10 days. Ugh. Headache. Muscle aches. Fatigue. Sluggishness. Keto flu is real. 

2. Sleep: restless. No worse no better. 

3. High intensity exercise performance: this has definitely taken a hit. Shorter workouts of higher intensity are just plain painful. On the upside, I’m honing in my mind over matter skills. That which doesn’t kill me makes me stronger. 

4. Discipline. I like carbs. I like doughnuts and cake and French bread. I miss it. I miss fruit. It takes a gut check sometimes to not give in and have a doughnut…or six!! 

5. At the end of a month I’m slightly cranky. 

I believe in the health benefits of the ketogenic lifestyle. I think there are pros and cons but for me, the benefits far outweigh the negatives. 
In the next month I will be experimenting with adding in carbs around workouts and cycling carb days into my week. I will continue to try new products before, during, and after exercise and reviewing them for their ability to help me fuel exercise while still staying in ketosis. 

Check out my new Facebook page I’m Losing It, where I’ll share nutrition, weight loss, fitness ideas as well as the ups and downs, laughs and cries of my nutrition and fitness journey. 

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