Out With The Old, In With The New

It seems that 2016 was the worst year in recent history…the death of multiple celebrities, natural disasters, manmade disasters, a debacle of a presidential election. These are certainly depressing and the makings of a terrible year, but they don’t define 2016 for me. I’m lucky. I’m thankful. 2016 was a net fabulous year: 

…I lost 25 pounds….and gained a level of fitness I’ve never had before 

…I lost a pervasive sense of unease and anxiety…and gained acceptance of the things I can’t control. 

…I lost 7 1/2 hours of my life…and gained an immense sense of accomplishment and a finisher medal for Ironman Atlantic City 70.3

…I lost my mind…and gained entry into Ironman Louisville 2017

…I lost a sweet, spunky girl named Precious…and gained a mischievous, energetic granddog named Doug

…I lost the need to compare myself and my life to other people….and gained the strength to work on making myself better than I was yesterday

…I lost zeros in my wallet…but made irreplaceable memories on a trip to Ireland with my mom and my oldest kid 

…I lost people who radiate negativity and judgement…and gained love and stronger relationships with people who make me better.

…I lost an amazing year…and gained a hopefully more fabulous 365.  

I’m ready to live boldly, love loudly, laugh endlessly. 2017…I’m coming for you!!! 

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