11 months. Ironman Louisville. What goes through a person’s mind…first time Ironman…at 11 months out? 

1. I’m about to enter the pain cave. 

2. 140.6 miles…dayummmm

3. I got this! 

4. 11 months is time enough 

5. There’s not enough time 

6. I got this! 

7. I get to run past the Churchill Downs 

8. I’m going to climb 5448 feet over 112 miles on my bike…then run a marathon. <gulp>

9. I hope the Ohio River isn’t full of literal crap 

10. I hope the Ohio River has a nice current to push me along for 2.4 miles. 

11. I’m wondering how fast I can back stroke

12. I’m also wondering if my kids will mind taking a present cut at Christmas so I can get all the triathlon paraphernalia to make me look cool 

13. Will I even look cool after spending an hour in the Ohio River?

14. I’m going to have to give up beer in order to get to my race weight

15. Is getting to my race weight all that? 

16. I’m strong. I’m healthy. I’ve got a good mindset. I’m at a good place in life. 

17. I got this!

18. I. Got. This!!!

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