Give Me Strength…

…to show weakness…and softness

….to stop talking and listen

…to be vulnerable…and humble 

…to forgive often 

…to keep going when my body says no

…to let the past be

…to let the future unfold in its own terms

…to enjoy every moment in the moment 

…to face fear

…to take the high road and not return insults

…to accept the things I have no control over

…to step outside my comfort zone

…to understand that criticizing someone else’s life does not make mine better

…to create and enforce personal boundaries 

…to push limits 

…to have opinions but maintain the ability to hear and consider someone else’s 

…to insist on being a priority, not a convenience 

…to not allow other people’s opinions dictate my life

…to laugh and laugh and laugh, but not at another’s expense 

…to build people up, not tear them down

…to complete an Ironman 

…to understand that another’s reality is not necessarily my reality 

…to embrace my anxiety but not let it convince me that untruths are real

…to open myself up to hurt knowing that is how I grow…and get stronger 

And most importantly 


I have three and a half teenagers and now more than ever it is important for me to be strong. To have convictions. To practice what I preach. To push my limits. Some days are easier than others. Some days I fail…big time. My struggles are a fraction of the hardships so many people face. I have been graced with a strong healthy body and a support network that empowers me at every step. For that I cannot express enough gratitude. But I still struggle and the struggle is real. At the end of the month if I have taken two positive steps forward for every negative step backwards, it’s a win!

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