Never Take A Black Dog Running In The Heat

The Adventures of The Sweaty Girl and Her Pup: Part 1

Run started happy. All smiles here. 


Pup needed shade and rest at mile 1…bad sign. 


But we plugged on…us two panting, sweaty runners. Cooper questions my sanity. 

Let there be rest he said. And we rested. River splash for the pup!


Cooper offers up a little word to the Big Guy…again I’m sensing he’s questioning me

And we rested. 


And finally gimped through 8 miles…my sweet black dog and me. Kisses as we passed out in the shade. 


Tara’s positive energy: we made it through 8 miles…albeit slowly…but 8 miles on a damn hot day. WE DID IT!! 

Cooper’s reality: why did you drag my black a** for a run in the hottest part of the day?!? Why?!?

Nutrition tidbits: I love…adore even Clif Shot Bloks… strawberry today. Yum! I could just eat them breakfast, lunch, dinner…well…ok good for running (if you’re willing to take a break to chew them) and on the bike. I also love the salted caramel flavor of Gu Gel. It’s like squeezing some caramel heaven in your mouth! Post run…had a little nutrition break down…Nutella and milk. Nutrition nazis will shoot me down…but it was DELICIOUS!!

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