Running With Superman

It is exactly 6 months, or 26 weeks and 2 days,  until the New York City Marathon. I swore, after my first marathon, then second, then third, I would never run another marathon. A million reasons not to! 

But my love of running and pushing myself…and my stupidity…have overtaken my common sense and I AM running it! I am running it as part of Team Reeve. I’m beyond excited! I’m ecstatic. I’m thrilled. I’m all in!!

My brother, Shannon, was in a motorcycle accident when he was 16 and he has lived with paralysis for 30 years.  He’s amazing…he has this positive slant on life that is impossible to understand. How, when circumstance takes away your arms and legs in your prime, can you still find the good and the fun in life? How do you not feel sorry for yourself or feel bitter about the crappy cards you’ve been dealt? How are you just not angry…at God or life or everyone…because they can physically do so much more than you? I’m not sure how he does it but he motivates me (unknowingly) every day to be a better person…to not complain, to not feel sorry for myself. I mean if he can say “there are people worse off than me” I certainly don’t have one thing to complain about. 

Today’s care, tomorrow’s cure…that’s what the Reeve Foundation stands for. I dream that one day there will be a cure for paralysis and it is through organizations like the Reeve Foundation that this will happen. They fund grants and provide information and advocacy for people living with paralysis to help improve their quality of life. The Reeve foundation funds innovative research to find a cure for spinal cord injury. Care and cure…that’s what I’m running for and Shannon…he’s my motivation to keep going strong!!

I’ll be running 26.2 (probably painful) miles on November 1st. I’ll be crossing the finish with more sense of accomplishment than with anything I’ve ever done. Help me reach my goal of raising $5000 for Team Reeve!!!

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